Vile Peaks 2

[12-5] FF13 Vile Peaks 2 Difficulty 35 

[Total required stamina: 33]

Pass of debris Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2262
Waste transport path 1 Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2262
Waste transport path 2 Stamina 8, Stages 3, experience value 2262
Waste transport path 3 Stamina 9, Stages 3, experience value 2720
[Boss Fight] Odin

HP is about 30000.

No weakness, use your best Physical abilities or just retaliate him to death.

Boss name Odin Advent location Vile Peaks 2
Tolerance [Weakness] – [absorption] – [mitigation] – [Disabled] –
State abnormal resistance Poison / silence / paralysis / confusion / Slow / Stop / darkness / sleep / petrify / death sentence / instant death
Behavior patterns – Ream blende (4 contiguous physical attribute damage to non-consolidated)
, Ten臨(3 contiguous physical attribute damage to non-consolidated)
, Retsuyabu (entire physical attribute damage)
, Zekkage (entire physical attribute damage)
, Sandara-ur vertical (single barrier state) a
sentence of-death (sentence state of the whole)

Master reward Black orbs × 3, Stamina Shard × 1
Clear reward Gill × 2500
First clear reward Mythril × 1, Stamina Shard × 1
Special score conditions Don’t Die
Dungeon release after clear FF1 Carven of Earth 1


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  1. I got a 2* slasher FF XII weapon from the first stage in vile peaks. From thrash mobs.

  2. Elite. Don’t be fooled by the 48 difficulty, probably one of the harder bosses in the game. I beat the boss with 4 turns left on doom and that was with using retaliate meta and shell trick so that all magic was doing 9999 dmg except a few blizzagas. Very tanky boss, might recommend 3 magic dealers 1 healer, one support with shell trick.

    1. What is this “shell trick” you’re referring too? I’m familiar with abusing retaliate but I don’t understand how shell factors into things.

  3. The shell trick basically sets any opponents resist to 2. What you need is Shell and and Mental Breakdown. You first cast shell on enemy, then mental breakdown, and then shell again on that enemy. If you are fast you can usually get 2 turns of 9999 dmg with any magic (as long as it’s not absorbed or nulled). This works at the moment, but will most likely be fixed in the future.

    1. Haven’t tried this, but I heard that this also works with Wakka’s weapon and Status Reals. With protect for physical atks and shell for magic.

  4. Can doom healed by esuna?

  5. i dont think doom can be heal

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