Character Stats

Character Stats

HP – Health Points of your character. When reaches 0, your character will die.
ATK – Affects the amount of damage done by your character’s Physical attack. It also affects the amount of damage done by spellblade attacks (eg. Thunder Strike).
DEF – Reduce damage done by physical attacks.
MAG – Magic affects the damage done by Black magic and Summon Magic.
RES –  Reduce damage done by Magical Attacks.
MND – MND affects the power of white magic (mainly heals).
ACC – The hit rate of physical attacks. The higher the number, the lower the chance to “miss” a physical attack on enemies.
EVA – The higher your evasion, the higher the chance for an enemy to “miss” hitting you.
SPD – The speed in which your ATB bar recharges.

Note: They are working on the stats for Magic ACC and Magic EVA. As for now, it is not confirmed whether MAG or ACC affects the Magic ACC (same for RES and EVA for Magic EVA).


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  1. Excellent database. I looked all over for the stat descriptions and I couldn’t find ANYTHING. This info is nowhere to be found under the help section in-game.

    1. I should add that I didn’t know the difference among mag, res(istance?), and mnd (mind). I figured RES was magical defense, but the game doesn’t make sense of the MAG and MND stats. Thanks!

      1. Hi!

        As you figured out, RES is Magical Defence. MAG is the stat that focuses on Black Magic, whereas MND is all about White Magic.

  2. Excellent assessment of stats. As the king moderator and king of /r/FFrecordkeeper, where I spend all my time making flair icons, I approve of this webpage. I am a pretty bad moderator overall, but I think I’m quite good. Sephiroth has the best stats, followed by some of the core characters like warrior and bard (for spell power).

    1. King of what? I didn’t vote for you.

      1. You don’t vote for kings

      2. He got his power when some woman in a pond distributed a sword to him

  3. Is it Mag or MND that affects the power of offensive white magic spells like dia/diara/diaga, etc?

      1. It says Mag influences black magic and summons, but holy damage is based on mind, so is the Summon Alexander (who does holy damage) dependent on Mag or Mind?

    1. That’s the perfect insight in a thread like this.

  4. Ahhhh, that’s why despite having relatively high magic stats (due to equipment) my rydia and lightning’s cura only does about 600. Haha. Thank you sir.

    Honestly, i rarely see the rightmost column cuz it seems negligible (spd) or confusing (mnd)

  5. I’ve been wondering what stat or stats control how long debuffs (silence, blind ect.) last for. Ever since global launch I’ve heard everything from them being a flat time limit to MND will make them shorter to DEF having something to do with it, but aside from the flat time limit, that doesn’t make sense. Logically it seems like it should be based on RES, but I haven’t seen info anywhere on it.

    Same question goes for putting a debuff on a boss. Like take Yunalesca in the Big Bridge Rift and Braska events, high MND will make silence last longer, but some are saying Rift Yunalesca has higher DEF stat that makes fall off faster. But I’m not buying that; yeah that version of her has higher stats all around, but I don’t totally believe it’s DEF that helps her with this.

    Knowing would help with figuring out what Break(down)s to take in some fights where debuffs are important, like Yunalesca, since it may be worth trying to fit in Mental Breaks in to block her magic attacks for longer. Haven’t seen many bother with Mental Breaks for a long time now, so it would be a reason to -maybe- dust it off.

  6. I am wondering if there are thresholds that need to be hit to change the modifiers. For example: atk 490-499 vs an increase in damage output at atk 500+

    This would be relevant when choosing items to equip and which heroes to bring with you.

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