Elite T-Rex – A Zephryl Guide

Please let Zephryl know if you spot any Typos. Thanks!


First things first, before anything else, you need a level 50 team. Going in with less than a level 50 team is just asking for disappointment.

(***UPDATE***: Since apparently levelling up restores HP -and- Ability Uses, if you have someone at 48 or 49 that’s close to levelling up, it can be viable to use those as you can use their abilities to help clear trash AND they’ll level up to a useable level before the boss)

Secondly, I am a pure F2P player. Everything I’ve obtained has been via in-game Mythril only, that being said, I’ve also been fairly lucky with Mythril pulls compared to some people. Not everyone will have the same gear, or the same level of gear.

Thirdly, the Abilities I use are far more important than the gear I have. You’re going to get the minimum number of medals for “Damage Taken” during the boss fight anyway, so if your armor is good enough to survive a couple hits then that’s all that matters.

Fourthly, if you don’t like the “Save and Reload” trick, then stop reading now. You won’t be able to use my method without it, or if you do it’ll be VERY Stamina Intensive.

Fifthly, I did not use any Mythril to revive or heal or whatever else you can do mid-dungeon.




My Team:


Cloud – Level 50

Galbadian Blade 2*++ (14/15) [VIII]

Galbadian Armor 2*++ (11/15) [VIII]

Hyper Wrist 3*  [VI]

Blizzard Strike – Rank 4 (8 Uses)*

Blizzara Strike – Rank 2 (4 Uses)


Sephiroph – Level 50

Danjuro 5* (20/20) [XII]

Crystal Armor 4* (15/15) [V]

Hero’s Ring [VI]

Armor Break – Rank 1 (2 uses)*

Sleep – Rank 5 (10 uses)*


Tyro – Level 50

Blood Lance 5* (20/20) [IV]

Genji Armour 5* (20/20) [B]

Hero’s Ring [VI]

Venom Attack – Rank 2 (4 uses)*

Dark Attack – Rank 1 (2 uses)


Terra – Level 50

Light Rod 4* (15/15) [III]

Gaia Vest 4* (15/15) [III]

Earring [VII]

Blizzaga – Rank 1 (2 uses)

Blizzara – Rank 3 (6 uses)*


Aerith/Aeris – Level 50

Judgement Staff 5* (20/20) [V]

Regal Gown 5* (20/20) [VI]

Protect Ring [VII]

Curaja – Rank 1 (4 uses)*

Curaga – Rank 2 (6 uses)


Skills I have noted with an Asterix, I did not use all of. This may be different for you, as not every run will be exactly the same.


My Strategy


So, we have 11 rounds of “Trash” mobs to deal with before we even make it to Trollosaurus Rex. Believe it or not, and you should, these trash mobs will make or break your run. They are tanky, they have around 1,700 HP and they have a fetish for Status effects.

The main thing with the Trash is that you don’t want to lose many Medals. There’s no Special Condition for the T-Rex fight, so we have a limited number of Medals we are “Allowed” to lose before Mastery becomes impossible. My strategy for the trash was to focus attacks on one enemy at a time, focusing on the most dangerous ones first, without wasting attacks (So, skip Healer and Mage, rather than defend)

Priority List: Forbidden (Skeleton) > Grat (Plant) = Grand Mantis (Bug) > Gester (Clown)

The Skeleton enemy can instant kill, and has “Thrust” which deals a lot of damage. It also has Silence, Blind, and I believe Slow, but doesn’t use them often. You want to preferably reset until you take this guy down without taking any damage from him.

The Plant has a plethora of status effects, so you want to take this one down next.

I don’t think I saw more than one Bug on my run, but I know it can also Poison and I think Slow, so I’ve put it on the same priority as Plant.

The Clown is the easier, and best, mob. Be glad for every double-Clown encounter as you can get through these without taking a single scrap of damage, though it may take a few Resets.

For me, it took 3 attacks to each mob to kill it from my damage dealers. At the end of each of the trash rounds, that left me with 8 Medals (One lost in Actions Taken). So, I’m setting that as the “Benchmark”, if you lose more than 1 Medal in each of the first stages, I’d not recommend continuing.

When you get to the boss stage, taking damage from the two trash fights before it isn’t such a big deal as you’re already assuming to get the minimum Medals for “Damage Taken” already. You still want to reset for optimal wins, since you don’t want to lose all of your “Actions Taken” Medal, and every single one counts.


Status Effects:

Slow: An Irritating effect, but not one that will “Ruin” your run. Up to you whether or not you reset to get rid of it (I had Tyro slowed in my run)

Poison: A minor nuisance, I’d not reset to get rid of it (I had two people poisoned).

Blind: If one of your three melees is blinded, reset.

Silence: Only affects Magic, so if anyone that needs to cast Magic is silenced, reset.


T-Rex Fight

So, here you are, you’ve made it to the big leagues. Welcome to Trollosaurus Rex, the deceptively small wall of flesh. Toting a massive 149k HP, and capable of approximate 1k AoE damage, this heavy-weight has a high chance of countering magic attacks (Even if they miss).


For my Strategy I will be referring to the characters by name, so obviously if you’re using different characters or different ability arrangements you’ll have to figure out who it refers to for you.


Skip everybody’s turn until you get to Tyro, and then use Venom Attack/Buster, skip to Sephi’s turn and use sleep, and then skip to Terra. If T-Rex isn’t Poisoned, reset, if he is poisoned and you see a cloud appear on T-Rex, that means that Sleep worked and you should immediately cast a spell. If it misses you can either reset, or skip over to Sephi and cast sleep again (It has a pretty high chance to succeed). The important thing to note here is that he cannot Counter when asleep (It will still display his counter attack, but be followed with “No Effect”) and that Sleep is not broken by Magical Attacks. If you’re quick with your skipping and first spell, you can land three before he wakes up. Now you want to go skip to Turo and use Dark Attack/Buster, and skip to Sephi. Here you have to actually watch, if the Blind DOES work, then you’ll use Armor Break, if it doesn’t work then you have the choice of re-sleeping, or resetting. If you re-sleep, do 2 or 3 more spells with Terra and then Dark Attack/Buster again. If you run out of Dark Attacks and he’s not Blinded, reset.

The goal here is to get him Poisoned, 3+ Ice Spells used, Blinded and Armor Broke… all with minimal damage being taken. This may take many resets to achieve, I think I had to reset around 10 times (But I’m not using Busters, which would help immensely). Once you’re at this stage you want to start hitting him with as much Physical attacks as you can, making sure to save any Dark Attack/Busters and Armor Breaks until last in case said effects wear off. Obviously your Ice Spellstrikes on Cloud are immensely useful here, however the Poison that should still be chipping away at his HP is the real star of the show. If blind wears off, you can either try to re-blind or re-sleep, or just try and finish him off before he finishes you off. Blind lasts a long time and didn’t wear off for me, but even if it does he should be very close to death by now.

Of course, all throughout the fight you should be healing with Aerith when needed (I heal when someone drops below half HP), using your Curaga’s before your Curajas (Just personal preference). Aerith’s Soul Break “Seal Evil” can also potentially be very useful, as the T-Rex can be stopped. Mine didn’t get stopped, so it’s definitely not needed, but it will help a lot. It’s entirely up to you when you use it though.


With a bit of luck, and a lot of patience, you should now be the proud owner of an Angel Wings accessory.


I personally finished with: 2 Medals in “Actions Taken”, 0 medals in “Damage Taken” and 3 Medals in “K.O’s” which gave me a high expert rating for that stage, and a Master Rank overall.

Updated: May 11, 2015 — 10:24 am


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  1. What is “save and reload” ? I search your blog and find no explanation of this…

    1. Kong, the owner of this Site, doesn’t like the trick so I’ve decided not to “Officially” post it anywhere. If you ask someone in the Chatango App, most of them know what it is and will be able to explain.

    2. “Save and reload” is pressing the home screen button or the equivalent on iPhone to exit Record keeper, close the app in whatever way you can (my anti-virus also close all apps that’s not absolutely necessary), then start the app again. When you start again, the game will ask if you’d like to start your most recent batter again at the beginning or give up that particular run which returns you to inside the dungeon with your most recent clear.

  2. Nice Guide, but for me, F2P too, it is impossible because i dont have the most of the abilities you mentioned here… u must did a massiv farming work, to get them all :/

    1. Not really, I only make Abilities as I need them so I often have a stack of Orbs saved up for when I need specific stuff for events.

      You might be able to do it without all of those abilities, if you can get Sleep/Sleep Attack/Sleep Buster up high enough then if you poison and just re-apply sleep every time it runs out (Hitting it with any Ice Magic you have while it sleeps) you might still be able to clear him. Also free’s up a lot of ability slots for clearing trash mobs with

      1. Thx for this clue maybe i can try that ugly dino like this … beacause i got a big lack on mentioned abilieties

  3. I am having so many troubles fighting the trash, how many turns are required to just lose 1 medal? They hit very hard, how am I suppose to reach the T-rex without using cura?
    I am level 50 and have some 5* and all the abilities needed

    1. I’m not sure, but I used 3 per mob, so six attacks per round (18 per stage) and only lose 1 for Actions Taken. Had to reset a lot if they did their hard hitting attacks, as I didn’t want to lose one for damage taken too.

      I think I got a few of the potion drops, so I didn’t have to heal that much, but depending on what your abilities are honed to you can consider using a few uses to take down trash and give you “time” to heal.

  4. Strat worked had rinao and wakka instead of tyro and terra. Took a few resets on boss since i didnt get any help with heeling item drops. Thanks for the info

  5. Used Tidus instead of Tyro, and Rinoa instead of Terra, but the results are the same. the blind poison sleep strategy worked like magic (after tons of reset even with busters hahaha)


  6. Thanks for the write up. I only started a bit over a few weeks ago with the Aerith event. As such, I don’t have Sephiroth. Any recommendations for the best substitute for him that can still bring the same abilities to the battle? I have all most everyone up to 50.

    Also, I have enough orbs to get all the abilities you list and hone them to their respective levels, all except for Curaja. I have zero G. Wind Orbs. Should I try to farm for the required amount or can I supplement it with weaker cure spells at higher ranks?

    Thanks, again, much appreciated.

    1. Not sure if you get notified on your comments, but I forgot to hit reply when I replied to your post. So, see the below comment for a response 😛

  7. I don’t think I used my Curaja at all, actually, so if you’ve got R3+ Curaga you should be fine, and could probably even take a more useful ability. Or a second heal, or whatever you like.

    I’d probably use Tyro as your Sub. Normally I’d recommend Cloud, since he can use the Breaks, but you want him to use the Spellblades for as much damage as he can. Sephiroph, for me, was used as a utility character rather than damage… it does mean you’ll haev to use someone else to sub for Tyro where I’ve used him though, and since you don’t have Sephi you won’t have Tidus… so it’ll have to be Terra or Wakka, I believe.

    You might need to use some of your Blizzard Strike to clear trash in order to keep the 8medal+ clear on the trash stages, I’m not sure of your gear so no idea if you can 3 shot each mob or not with an edited team. If you’re worried about damage on the T-Rex stage, you can always sleep him again and just sit there until it expires, letting Poison deal more damage~

    1. Hmmm, thank you. Good to know on the Curaja. I’ll need to farm some Lesser Power Orbs for the honing the Blizzard Strikes.

      K, Tyro in for Seph. (Yeah, no Tidus either). I may go with Terra as I have her Enhancer. My gear isn’t as good as your set up, but it’s not far behind either. I’m able to 3 shot each mob and get the 2/3 on the action medals.

      I may put to use the sleep and sit poison combo. Really appreciate the advice. Now I just have to keep my damage to a min and maintain a 8/9 on the medal count getting up to the Troll-rex. My Defensive gear isn’t the best. I can always settle a completed battle and rerun it to overwrite my medal ranking at the cost of stamina.

      1. “select,” not “settle.”

  8. brutal.. after getting 8 medals for each round, the final round with Trex i got 1 medal for actions taken, 0 for damage and 3 for KOs. but still not mastered. just that one medal. zzz

  9. how can you tell if an enemy is blinded by dark attack?

    Also, since I don’t have sephiroph, i haven’t got a fighter character that can use sleep. Therefore, im thinking of using three mage characters instead (aerith, rinoa, terra) to beat t-rex elite using mostly magic and sleep. Also will have cloud and celes (to cast sleep and poison) for the dps. I am currently leveling the characters to 50 before trying my strat out. Do you think that it would be viable or must it be 3 attackers?

    1. Definitely possible, but you’ll definitely need to ues abilities to clear trash. Won’t need to blind the T-Rex, although you still can if you want, since Sleep has a pretty high proc chance.

      Blind has a little squiggly black line in a speech bubble above their head~

    2. I used 4 casters and a support. I had to clear trash using spells and mythril reset for boss. Essentially land poison and sleep on first round and then proceed to nuke with ice spells. I used aerith’s limit to stop him when he came out of sleep and used a resistance break then and proceeded to sleep until it succeeded and repeated the process.

  10. Thanks Zephryl for the guide! it worked like a charm (after 10 over tries doing venom attacks)

  11. Is there any other way besides using sleep? Wouldn’t it dispel(awaken the dino) after using physical blizzard attacks?

    Since Petrify, Doom and Instant KO has no effect, would using 3* Stop (Black Magic),2* Hold (White Magic) or 4* Shadowbind (Physical) help?

    Looking forward to hear from you all, thanks heaps.

    1. it will awaken if you use physical blizzard attacks on sleeping Dino.

      My way is make it poisoned and sleep then spam 3 time’s ice spell,then use Blizzara Strike/Dark Attack wake it up and re-sleep him again to spam 3 time’s ice spell ,keep loot~

  12. Thanks very much. i follow this guide and clear this dungeon with Master!
    Use 1 Mythril to rest before start.

    My Team (All Level50)

    Tyro – Venom Buster [Rank 1] / Dark Attack [Rank 2]
    Sledgehammer 4* (15/15)[XII]
    Genji Shield 5* (18/20)[IV]
    Hero’s Ring 3*[VI]

    Sephiroth – Sleep [Rank 4] / Armor Break [Rank 1]
    Kazekiri 2*++ 15/15[V]
    Mythril Armor 2*++ 15/15[IV]
    Hero’s Ring 3*[VI]

    Cloud – Blizzard Strike [Rank 2] / Blizzara Strike [Rank 2]
    Galbadian Blade 2*++ (15/15) [VIII]
    Galbadian Armor 2*++ (12/15) [VIII]
    Hyper Wrist 3* [VI]

    Aerith – Curaga [Rank 3] / Curaja [Rank 1]
    Light Staff 4* 15/15 [III]
    Black Cowl 3* 10/10 [IV]
    Star Pendant 3* [VIII]

    Terra – Blizzara [Rank 3] / Blizzaga [Rank 1]
    Enhancer 5* 20/20 [VI]
    Genji Armor 5* 20/20 [V]
    Earring 2* [VII]

  13. Now we just need one for the elite Seifer/Edea team, lol

  14. Nice walkthrough! Using it, I was also able to defeat the TRex though it took me about 1+ hour of tries to get venom attack/sleep/dark attack all to hit with the status effect…

    Instead of 2 cures, I took Aeris in with Curaga (rank 2) and a Boost which helped make my Blizzara strikes hit 9999 caps and I was able to take it down a bit faster. I even used some of those Curaga’s on the trash stages before the boss meaning I went in with only 3 casts of Curaga but that was enough for me to win.

  15. If you cast curaga on the skeleton you will probably kill him with just one hit, I hit for 3200, takes the heat off the battle.

  16. Sleep is not necessary, if you first afflict him with Blind and right after with Poison, sleep becomes unnecessary, better bring another powerful.

    1. omg Deman did you use to play Aura Kingdom LOL.

  17. Great guide! I almost followed to it a tee and was surprised how easy it was. Believe it or not I mastered it on my first try. Been putting this battle on hold but now with the event closing soon, it was time. I used 2 Mythrils total to heal/restock abilities to make sure nothing could go wrong, probably would have been ok using just one though. I used heavy hitting spells on trash mobs and Curaja on the skeletons because I knew I was going to be using Mythril to get them back. All equipment upgraded and all characters lvl 50.

    My setup:
    1.) Cloud with both Galbadian gears++ & Hyper Wrist; Abs: Blizzara Strike 1 & Blizzard Strike 1
    2.) Tidus with Falchion++, Genji Armor, & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Dark Buster 1 & Venom Attack 1
    3.) Sephiroth with Masamune, Crystal Armor, & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Sleep 4 & Armor Break 2
    4.) Terra with Light Rod, Genji Shield, & Earring; Abs: Blizzaga 1 & Blizzara 4
    5.) Aerith with Light Staff, White Robe, & Protect Ring; Abs: Curaja 1 & Curaga 3

    Poisoned and used Sleep right off the bat and then unloaded a few of Terra’s ice spells. I repeated the Sleep and Ice spells process two more times until she only had a couple uses left. Once he woke he got hit with Blind and then unleashed all the physical attacks. It wasnt long after that he was vanquished. If you have been putting this event on hold too out of fear of failing, give it a shot, and using the strategy posted I think you’ll be surprised it’s not too bad. It’s pie compared to the newest FFV Elite levels actually, in my opinion. Definitely have to quit and reload a few times (I had about 10 resets on Dino) to get poison, blind, and sleep to all land. Good luck!

    1. Nate i followed your strategy and got it done in about 30 minutes. I used the same character and same debuff abilities. For attack i blizzara strike and double cut for physical and for magic i had blizzara and blizzard. Thats with atleast 10+ restarts and using a mythril to refresh before the boss stage. And i didnt even have any natural 5* gear. I only had 1 falchion 3++ everything else was natural 4 or upgraded to 4.

      Im living proof that you dont need 5* gear to beat archeo. Just about 1.5 weeks of prep lol



  18. Used a different method without the blizzard spellblade strikes and sleep but only managed to get Expert rating, least to get over this agonizing Deling Exit to move on to the next stage and my setup is as such:

    1.) Cloud(50)- Both Galbadian gears++(VIII) & Hyper Wrist; Abs: Retaliate 2 & Armor Break 1
    2.) Tidus(41)- Diamond Sword(XII), Genji Armor(V), & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Boost 2 & Double Cut 3
    3.) Tyro (50)- Hammerhead(XII)+, Diamond Helm(III), & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Dark Atk 2 & Dark Buster 1
    4.) Terra(50)- Gravity Rod(VI), Gaia Vest(III), & Earring; Abs: Blizzaga 1 & Blizzara 2
    5.) Aerith(50)- Light Staff(III), Green Beret(IV)++, & Protect Ring; Abs: Curaja 1 & Curaga 2

    The main idea was to exploit Dino’s weakness to blind for counterattacking as per inspired by the 2 video links below:


    It may possibly work better using poison in conjunction with blinding Dino.

    Didn’t use any Mithril to heal throughout the whole stage as i’m trying to accumulate til 50 Mithrils for the Relic draw X 11 and kept on resetting numerous times.

    Had to admit i’m quite the miserly player myself, Lol.

    Will be trying to get my hands on those wings again.

    1. Close! I think you’ll see a big difference there if you swap in just Poison and have it land once and at the beginning of the fight. It lasts almost the entire fight, if not the whole thing. When all is said and done, it had ticked off a ton of Dino’s health. Make him your b**** next time, good luck 😉

  19. really had hard time getting poison/sleep/blind to stuck consecutively.

  20. Having only 1.5 days to go before the event ends, I finally succeeded on the Angel Wings w my third try!

    My setup are as follows:

    1.) Cloud(50)- Both Galbadian gears++(VIII) & Hyper Wrist; Abs: Retaliate 3 & Armor Break 1
    2.) Tidus(45)- Diamond Sword(XII), Genji Armor(V), & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Boost 2 & Venom Buster 1
    3.) Wakka(42)- Dancing Dagger(IV), Diamond Armor(VI)+, & Hero’s Ring; Abs: Drk Buster 1 & Dbl Cut 3
    4.) Rinoa(42)- Gravity Rod(VI), Gaia Vest(III), & Earring; Abs: Blizzaga 1 & Blizzara 2
    5.) Aerith(50)- Light Staff(III), Royal Crown(VI), & Protect Ring; Abs: Curaja 1 & Curaga 3

    Having 6 casts of a rank 3 retaliate, managed to secured “Champion” on the trash mob stages using retaliate once per stage, but it lasts only for 2 out of 3 rounds, usually leaving the last round on Auto attack mode and resetting if needed.

    This leaves me with only 2 retaliates when meeting with Dino.

    Facing the huge lizard, made sure to have it blinded and poisoned before anything and keep resetting until it gets blind and poison status.

    Next thing was to boost Cloud, Armor break, unleash all ice spells and then retaliate.

    Once retaliate has been activated, have the whole party attack upon Cloud, even double attacking him with Wakka.

    Recast the last retaliate once it has been worn off and spam all physical attacks upon cloud and the deed is done!

    One point to note is that my “retaliated” Cloud was afflicted with confuse by Gester the Clown on one occasion and the counterattack move backfired as it was counterattacking randomly at either friend or foe, LOL!

    Another thought was to assign double attack on one more person, to have have 2 dbl attack abilities in the party for the “Reta-counter” move, most probably will try that on the 2 lizards at Presidential Residence with the Angel wings!

    Have a great weekend all!

  21. I just wanted to say thanks. After farming for lots of orbs and getting my party ready, I just mastered this one using your strategy. Very much appreciated Zephryl.

  22. To those that haven’t tried to do it yet, it is very simple and some what easy. as long you inflict poison on him from the start just spam magic spells and wait. Once the sleep wears off use a blizzard/blizzara strike and just just resleep as the poison tick will still go on, if you have 8 or 10 charges of sleep and that is more than enough as only 6 were needed by me. slowly but surely the poison will kill him off. If you are fed up of reseting and praying to get poison sleep and blind to be inflicted try this method, it is much less RNG reliant and still worked, all of my dark attack missed and I did not need to use armor break. I got 2 star on actions, 1 on damage and 3 on ko

  23. Just wanted to thank you for this strategy. I was able to get 3 Chocobos because of it! Thanks again!

  24. dont need lvl 50s. i beat him with only lvl 39 cloud, 41 squall, 37 tidus, 36 kain and 36 terra. barely won at the skin of my teeth but its do-able. blind, slow, poison and aeriths stop help a LOT.

    1. This guide was for the archeosaur in rinoas event which at the time most people were struggling with. He was tougher than the one in squalls event now.

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