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Event Recruitable
25 Mar

Celes, Lockes, Edgar,
Kefka, Setzer, Cyan



(DISCLAIMER: the order of events you see may be different. As the events go live, this page will be updated accordingly.)

Many thanks to the following: TFMurphy, Keytsang, Robotstove, Scytherman, Enlir, Vexnon

(dates are in PST)

Future Events Recruitable
30 Mar

Beatrix, Vivi, Quina,
Amarant, Kuja
6 Apr

Lann, Reynn, Yuna,
Lightning, Faris, Sarah,
13 Apr

CoD, Luneth, Desch,
OK, Ingus, Arc
20 Apr

Shantotto, Lion, Prishe,
Curilla, Ayame
Rapha, Marach, Ramza,
TGC, Ovelia, Mustadio
Penelo, Bach, Larsa,
Vaan, Gabranth
Tidus, Auron, Yuna,
Rikku, Paine, Kimahri, Jecht
Kain, Ceodore, Yang,
Palom, Porom
Squall, Rinoa, Laguna,
Selphie, Irvine
Lenna, Bartz, Krile,
Gogo, Galuf, Exdeath
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Sephiroth, Cloud
Meia, Wol, Garland, Echo
Relm, Strago, Celes, Sabin,
Leo, Mog, Terra
We’re not likely getting this event.

Steiner, Vivi, Zidane, Beatrix
We’re not likely getting this event.

Lightning, Nabaat, Fang,
Snow, Vanille, Raines
Vaan, Reks, Vayne,
Balthier, Fran
Minfilia, Papalymo, Cid Garlond,
Y’shtola, Yda
Rikku, Auron, Lulu,
Wakka, Braska
Ace, Deuce, Nine
Squall, Seifer, Fujin, Rinoa
Shelke, Vincent, Tifa,
Barret, Red XIII
We’re not likely getting this event.

Rubicante, Edge, Pecil,
Rosa, Cid, Kain
Noctis, Gladiolus, Iris
Curilla, Ayame, Lion,
Aphmau, Zeid




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  1. So i wonder how long i will have to wait before square finally thinks about a costume change for terra as permanent esper form instead of her human form.

    1. FFIV TAY here, adult Palom/Porom, King Cecil/Yang/Edge/Edward, Queen Rosa, Rydia adult 2.0, old Cid, Holy Dragoon Kain, masked Golbez and all the other chars, Ceodore, Leonora, Luca, Calca, Brina…

    2. And FFXIV Heavensward, Thancred and Y’shtola new attire, and Hydealyn’s messenger Minfillia

    3. Or at least give her a BSB that turns her into esper form temporarily.

    4. Terra legend Record Materia = esper Form

  2. Whoa, you guys cleared the comments in the events page again.

  3. I’m such a medium xD

  4. Hype !!! TaY Event

    1. soooo see you back in april 2017 for a similar comment?

  5. Any ff15 events???

    1. Probably not before a while, it would spoil people

  6. Are we really going to have to wait 6 months for FFXV, and only for one character? :/

  7. Can you update event 105 with all the relics on the banner?

    Thank you.

  8. i want to cum inside tifa

    1. Wtf man you’re weird.

    2. wow you’re a weird cunt aren’t you.

  9. I still don’t get it why they didn’t use that bartz’s sprite from FFATB as an wardrobe costume for bartz as mime class (image below)
    Or why they didn’t do a master class (from dissidia) wardrobe record for him better than this amateur sprite below (Which was made by me)
    The worst is when you know that there was supposed to bartz have a knight costume, but it got cancelled somehow, this costume is one of the three costume that I know that got cancelled. (The others are Dark Knight Luneth and Summoner Faris, if you ever want to see them just search for “ffrk dark knight luneth” or “ffrk summoner faris”
    (Knight costume above)

    1. …I’m totally agree with Bartz Dissidia garb. Also, we need Freelancer costume for Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus. This is supposed to be nostalgia game after all..

      1. I didn’t know that the FF3 characters was with classes (except OK, since he’s a class), but yeah, I agree that this is a nostalgia game. If bartz and faris got those costume, then all the FFV HEROES (remeber that I said heroes) would have a costume, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

        1. Agree with you FFRK needs more costumes, It would be awesome (for me) if they make amano terra
          Wardrobe Record

    2. I believe that (and i could be wrong) all the core jobs (warrior knight dragoon berserker etc) are jobs based on bartz appearance in that job from ff5. Which means if they make a core mime it would most likely look like bartz

  10. I wonder how long will it be for them to add an FF Type-0 event in this game. They had one (sort of) in Mobius FF and they’re planning to add one in Brave Exvius this weekend. As for FFRK, none had been revealed or mentioned about this.

    1. Or a Brave Exvius crossover…for some reason they avoiding each other

    2. I was thinking that the other day would love to get seven

  11. No FFXI events? Wtf?

  12. So i wonder how long we will have to wait before the best villain are release: caius ballad.

    1. Never because garland stole his sword

      1. Oh shit, that’s right

  13. Hopefully this list gets updated soon. I’m fairly certain Omega Drive won’t be right after/ around the same time as the FFT event. Valigarmanda is still going on after all.

    1. The list is based on the Japanese event roster, until more is translated and datamined from the game (which hasn’t happened yet it seems). Given we are one event away, it should be updating soon.

  14. Damn, seems like we won’t be getting another 14 event for…

    Who knows how long. That’s incredibly disappointing.

    1. Happens with FFT, FFXI, and FFXIV, and likely FFXV too.
      FFT has only seen 4 events in Japan (3 for us, the 4th is about 4-5 months away)
      FFXI has all of 0 so far (Shantotto came in the Dissidia event, and the one XI event that did go by, we never got), with 1 coming up.
      FFXIV has had 3 so far.
      FFXV has 1 event, in Japan, so far.

      The big problem with FFXI and FFXIV is being MMOs. They don’t have as-scripted a story, it makes things a bit harder to format.

  15. Upcoming Events
    Meeting on the Blue Planet (IV) -Feb 2/3
    Beginning of Legend (I) – Feb 9/10
    Cutting Wind, Flying Thunder (VIII) – Feb 16/17
    Dungeon Update 29 (VIII/XI/XII) – Feb 17/18
    Bloodstained Way to Power (XII) – Feb 23/24
    Nightmare 12 Omega Drive – Feb 24/25
    Record X (ALL) – ??? (this includes 5 MC3’s!!!)
    A Promise under a starry sky (VII) – March 2/3
    Kind Lie, Brave Love (XII) – March 9/10
    Torment #3 Mad Feast of Evil Spirit (VII) – March 10/11
    The Plotting Tyrant (II) – March 16/17
    Dungeon Update 30 (III/IX/T) – March 17/18
    Unfading Eternal Love (VI) – March 23/24
    The Mystical World of Grymoire (WOFF) – ???
    Rose of May (IX) – March 30/31

  16. When are we going to see Kiros and Ward? It looks like they would have had a good opportunity to add them for the next Laguna event.

    1. They were confirmed to get added soon-ish.

  17. I can’t believe they’re adding FF5 Gogo, but not FF6 Gogo where he was a playable frigging character! They need to finish out the FF6 roster – Umaro, maybe Lone Wolf, an Imp, a Ghost from the train, etc.

    In also surprised they never made a separate Ability category for Blue Magic but eh oh well.

  18. Upcoming Events (Japan)

    1) FFXIV (10th February – 20th February)

    – Featuring Cid Garlond
    – New relics for Y’shtola & Minfilia
    – Legend Sphere for Yda, Papalymo & Minfilia

    2) FFX (17th February – 27th February)
    – Event focuses on Rikku
    – Includes boss fights with Al Bhed Shooter & Al Bhed Catcher
    – Legend Sphere for Rikku, Lulu & Auron

    3) FF Type-0 (24th February – 6th March)
    – Featuring Ace, Deuce & Nine
    – Relics for them will include voiced dialogue by the original voice actors
    – Includes fight with Dainsleif, General Bashtar & Nimbus
    – There will also be a specially arranged soundtrack by Type-0’s music composer

    4) FFVIII (28th February – 10th March)
    – Event focuses on Squall & Rinoa
    – Legend Sphere for Seifer & Fujin

    5) FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (3rd March – 13th March)
    – Featuring Shelke
    – Includes fight with Heavy Armored Soldier and Azul the Cerulean

    6) 7th Nightmare Dungeon (15th February)
    – Realm is FFXII, boss is Mateus & Ice Azers
    – Empowered Machinist Motes are obtainable from this dungeon

  19. Good site, but lacks some important information, for example on the priority adding “record spheres” and “memory crystals III” for the characters.

  20. Type-0 event? Nice. Though I wonder why we get Deuce and Nine instead of Rem and Mahcina.

  21. Want to see some Videos around FFRK?

    Just search for Dominiktk at YT.

    Subscribe and you’ll be able to follow my way….

  22. White Rose Duelist

    Man, for a second I thought that FFL2 event was based on Sa・Ga2, which is one of my favorites of all time. Final Fantasy Dimensions wasn’t bad (and I would be surprised if it’s not localized), but I’d really like to see Final Fantasy Legend II in FFRK.

    Mr. S – offensive magic
    Ki – healing magic
    Dad – physical support

    And the Seven Sword as the featured relic.

  23. Wow Rubicante as playable char? I never saw that coming. Tho I think they’re scratching the bottom of the playable chacters. I hope that means we will eventually be playing Chaos and Cosmos. Maybe even the 3 other fiend but I dunno what they could bring more than Rubicante. We’re still missing the Yeti from FFVI tho, and gogo.
    And I’m not against a Lahabrea and Gaius for FFXIV for magic and physic darkness respectivly

    1. Well, Gogo is in FFV, cause they needed heroes a bit more than VI.

      Rubicante actually makes some sense, as he has honour (always heals your party to full before the fight).

      If anything, they got virtually all the new characters from The After Years to still add (The Four Ninja might be a tough sell, as very little differentiates them at all).

  24. wow wtf. Rubicante. They can add a dwarf the elder the sisters in the castle where edward was laying in Bed. Grown up rydia. The king and queen of eblan or even the evip dr himself as playable that be fun.

    1. Rubicante makes more sense than the Elban royalty, he has a more pivotal role. Also grown-up Rydia is in the game as a costume. Having a second Rydia character would be bizarre at best. King Giott would be cool though.

  25. I wonder why the “EX” events have never been released in the global version of FFRK yet. We could have received more heroes, relics, and mythril had they been made available to us.

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