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Many thanks to the following: TFMurphy, Keytsang, Robotstove, Scytherman, Enlir, Vexnon

(dates are in PST)

Future Events Recruitable
Meia, Wol, Garland, Echo
Sephiroth, Aerith, Cid, Tifa, Red XIII,
Reno, Rude, Elena, Rufus, Shelke
Ursula, Yang, Rydia, Kain,
Tellah, Golbez, Ceodore
Tidus, Jecht,
Rikku, Wakka, Paine
Marche, Montblanc, Ramza,
Agrias, Gaffgarion, Meliadoul
Vivi, Steiner, Marcus,
Garnet, Eiko
Ashe, Vaan, Balthier
Serah, Snow, Noel
Locke, Terra, Celes,
Sabin, Strago
OK, CoD, Ingus,
Arc, Aria, Refia
Rem, Machina, Queen
Haurchefant, Ysayle, Estinien
Irvine, Rinoa, Fujin, Selphie
FF3rd Ann




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  1. So i wonder how long i will have to wait before square finally thinks about a costume change for terra as permanent esper form instead of her human form.

    1. FFIV TAY here, adult Palom/Porom, King Cecil/Yang/Edge/Edward, Queen Rosa, Rydia adult 2.0, old Cid, Holy Dragoon Kain, masked Golbez and all the other chars, Ceodore, Leonora, Luca, Calca, Brina…

    2. And FFXIV Heavensward, Thancred and Y’shtola new attire, and Hydealyn’s messenger Minfillia

      1. Lordoftheapes79

        I’d like to see some of the job trainers from xiv to fill out the party. XIV characters are a little magic heavy for my tastes atm.

        1. FFXIV has literally 2 mages atm >.> We’re getting 1 more. Well 4 if you count thancred’s ninja magic.
          2.5 Healers
          Y’sh, Alphinaud, Minfillia(.5) <- alph is actually a great healer.

          2.5 Mages
          Papalymo, Alphinaud, New Girl, Thancred(.5) <- Ninja magic is actually pretty strong though

          6 physical
          Thancred, Y'da, Minfillia, Cid, 2 of the new guys.

          How is that magic heavy? i'm confused.

          1. So for new guy it’s Haurchefant a knight, Estinien a dragoon and Ysayle… I don’t really know for Ysayle but since she summons Shiva using her body as a vessel they’ll probably make her summoner (and black mage because 99% of the summoners are)

    3. Or at least give her a BSB that turns her into esper form temporarily.

    4. Terra legend Record Materia = esper Form

    5. I agree, but why not with a transe ?

    6. If they’re gonna give Terra her Trance form, they should also do one for Zidane and Kuja.

    7. They won’t do it.

      Terra’s Esper form is used as her LM2, using 5 star motes.
      When you fully dive her, she turns into the Esper form after dropping below a certain % of HP. She gets stat boosts in this form.

  2. Whoa, you guys cleared the comments in the events page again.

  3. I’m such a medium xD

  4. Hype !!! TaY Event

    1. soooo see you back in april 2017 for a similar comment?

  5. Any ff15 events???

    1. Probably not before a while, it would spoil people

  6. Are we really going to have to wait 6 months for FFXV, and only for one character? :/

  7. Can you update event 105 with all the relics on the banner?

    Thank you.

  8. i want to cum inside tifa

    1. Wtf man you’re weird.

    2. wow you’re a weird cunt aren’t you.

      1. Looks exactly like it

        1. I want to cum inside Dominiktk

          1. And I’m gonna cum inside ya mummys ass

  9. I still don’t get it why they didn’t use that bartz’s sprite from FFATB as an wardrobe costume for bartz as mime class (image below)
    Or why they didn’t do a master class (from dissidia) wardrobe record for him better than this amateur sprite below (Which was made by me)
    The worst is when you know that there was supposed to bartz have a knight costume, but it got cancelled somehow, this costume is one of the three costume that I know that got cancelled. (The others are Dark Knight Luneth and Summoner Faris, if you ever want to see them just search for “ffrk dark knight luneth” or “ffrk summoner faris”
    (Knight costume above)

    1. …I’m totally agree with Bartz Dissidia garb. Also, we need Freelancer costume for Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus. This is supposed to be nostalgia game after all..

      1. I didn’t know that the FF3 characters was with classes (except OK, since he’s a class), but yeah, I agree that this is a nostalgia game. If bartz and faris got those costume, then all the FFV HEROES (remeber that I said heroes) would have a costume, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

        1. Agree with you FFRK needs more costumes, It would be awesome (for me) if they make amano terra
          Wardrobe Record

    2. I believe that (and i could be wrong) all the core jobs (warrior knight dragoon berserker etc) are jobs based on bartz appearance in that job from ff5. Which means if they make a core mime it would most likely look like bartz

  10. I wonder how long will it be for them to add an FF Type-0 event in this game. They had one (sort of) in Mobius FF and they’re planning to add one in Brave Exvius this weekend. As for FFRK, none had been revealed or mentioned about this.

    1. Or a Brave Exvius crossover…for some reason they avoiding each other

    2. I was thinking that the other day would love to get seven

  11. No FFXI events? Wtf?

  12. So i wonder how long we will have to wait before the best villain are release: caius ballad.

    1. Never because garland stole his sword

      1. Oh shit, that’s right

  13. Hopefully this list gets updated soon. I’m fairly certain Omega Drive won’t be right after/ around the same time as the FFT event. Valigarmanda is still going on after all.

    1. The list is based on the Japanese event roster, until more is translated and datamined from the game (which hasn’t happened yet it seems). Given we are one event away, it should be updating soon.

  14. Damn, seems like we won’t be getting another 14 event for…

    Who knows how long. That’s incredibly disappointing.

    1. Happens with FFT, FFXI, and FFXIV, and likely FFXV too.
      FFT has only seen 4 events in Japan (3 for us, the 4th is about 4-5 months away)
      FFXI has all of 0 so far (Shantotto came in the Dissidia event, and the one XI event that did go by, we never got), with 1 coming up.
      FFXIV has had 3 so far.
      FFXV has 1 event, in Japan, so far.

      The big problem with FFXI and FFXIV is being MMOs. They don’t have as-scripted a story, it makes things a bit harder to format.

      1. FFXIV has a whole quest chain meant for the story. If you follow it there’s no way you can get trouble to format it. Hell there’s even all the dungeon and big fight which are part of this quest chain never leaving you.

  15. Upcoming Events
    Meeting on the Blue Planet (IV) -Feb 2/3
    Beginning of Legend (I) – Feb 9/10
    Cutting Wind, Flying Thunder (VIII) – Feb 16/17
    Dungeon Update 29 (VIII/XI/XII) – Feb 17/18
    Bloodstained Way to Power (XII) – Feb 23/24
    Nightmare 12 Omega Drive – Feb 24/25
    Record X (ALL) – ??? (this includes 5 MC3’s!!!)
    A Promise under a starry sky (VII) – March 2/3
    Kind Lie, Brave Love (XII) – March 9/10
    Torment #3 Mad Feast of Evil Spirit (VII) – March 10/11
    The Plotting Tyrant (II) – March 16/17
    Dungeon Update 30 (III/IX/T) – March 17/18
    Unfading Eternal Love (VI) – March 23/24
    The Mystical World of Grymoire (WOFF) – ???
    Rose of May (IX) – March 30/31

  16. When are we going to see Kiros and Ward? It looks like they would have had a good opportunity to add them for the next Laguna event.

    1. They were confirmed to get added soon-ish.

  17. I can’t believe they’re adding FF5 Gogo, but not FF6 Gogo where he was a playable frigging character! They need to finish out the FF6 roster – Umaro, maybe Lone Wolf, an Imp, a Ghost from the train, etc.

    In also surprised they never made a separate Ability category for Blue Magic but eh oh well.

  18. Upcoming Events (Japan)

    1) FFXIV (10th February – 20th February)

    – Featuring Cid Garlond
    – New relics for Y’shtola & Minfilia
    – Legend Sphere for Yda, Papalymo & Minfilia

    2) FFX (17th February – 27th February)
    – Event focuses on Rikku
    – Includes boss fights with Al Bhed Shooter & Al Bhed Catcher
    – Legend Sphere for Rikku, Lulu & Auron

    3) FF Type-0 (24th February – 6th March)
    – Featuring Ace, Deuce & Nine
    – Relics for them will include voiced dialogue by the original voice actors
    – Includes fight with Dainsleif, General Bashtar & Nimbus
    – There will also be a specially arranged soundtrack by Type-0’s music composer

    4) FFVIII (28th February – 10th March)
    – Event focuses on Squall & Rinoa
    – Legend Sphere for Seifer & Fujin

    5) FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus (3rd March – 13th March)
    – Featuring Shelke
    – Includes fight with Heavy Armored Soldier and Azul the Cerulean

    6) 7th Nightmare Dungeon (15th February)
    – Realm is FFXII, boss is Mateus & Ice Azers
    – Empowered Machinist Motes are obtainable from this dungeon

  19. Good site, but lacks some important information, for example on the priority adding “record spheres” and “memory crystals III” for the characters.

  20. Type-0 event? Nice. Though I wonder why we get Deuce and Nine instead of Rem and Mahcina.

  21. Want to see some Videos around FFRK?

    Just search for Dominiktk at YT.

    Subscribe and you’ll be able to follow my way….

  22. White Rose Duelist

    Man, for a second I thought that FFL2 event was based on Sa・Ga2, which is one of my favorites of all time. Final Fantasy Dimensions wasn’t bad (and I would be surprised if it’s not localized), but I’d really like to see Final Fantasy Legend II in FFRK.

    Mr. S – offensive magic
    Ki – healing magic
    Dad – physical support

    And the Seven Sword as the featured relic.

  23. Wow Rubicante as playable char? I never saw that coming. Tho I think they’re scratching the bottom of the playable chacters. I hope that means we will eventually be playing Chaos and Cosmos. Maybe even the 3 other fiend but I dunno what they could bring more than Rubicante. We’re still missing the Yeti from FFVI tho, and gogo.
    And I’m not against a Lahabrea and Gaius for FFXIV for magic and physic darkness respectivly

    1. Well, Gogo is in FFV, cause they needed heroes a bit more than VI.

      Rubicante actually makes some sense, as he has honour (always heals your party to full before the fight).

      If anything, they got virtually all the new characters from The After Years to still add (The Four Ninja might be a tough sell, as very little differentiates them at all).

  24. wow wtf. Rubicante. They can add a dwarf the elder the sisters in the castle where edward was laying in Bed. Grown up rydia. The king and queen of eblan or even the evip dr himself as playable that be fun.

    1. Rubicante makes more sense than the Elban royalty, he has a more pivotal role. Also grown-up Rydia is in the game as a costume. Having a second Rydia character would be bizarre at best. King Giott would be cool though.

      1. White Rose Duelist

        The dwarf princess Luca is playable in After Years, so it would make sense to add her.

        As for Rubicante, he is too awesome a boss to not make the list now that they are out of heroes to make characters for. He is evil, but still honorable (healing you before battle) and has one of the best lines in FF (“Was it flame? I will show you how!”). Some lucky people are going to be able to equip him with all of his own gear.

  25. I wonder why the “EX” events have never been released in the global version of FFRK yet. We could have received more heroes, relics, and mythril had they been made available to us.

    1. Because the EX events tend to be crossover events, and frequently for games that only have commercial releases in japan. The extra Mithril would be nice, but there is not a single character that Japan has received from one of these that we didn’t get as well. In fact, none of them gave have new characters since a Mobius crossover event and we got that event.

      1. What about Legend of Mana?

  26. I wonder when can we fight the final bosses in the realm dungeons. We already get Chaos from FFI and The Emperor from FFII in events, but they should include the final bosses in the realm dungeons as well in order to “restore” all of the “paintings” in each and every realms. And its also a good idea for them to start thinking of a final boss for this game, because this game had been going steady for a long time without any clear signs of a final battle coming.

    1. if a final battle comes, people will stop playing

      gotta milk the game for what it’s worth

  27. FF6 Umaro and Gogo! 😀 Can’t wait!

  28. before the final ending (something near all the current ff end i think) i wish Tyro gets his own painting, he deserves that (that will make as have a core realm and a new realm to explore, then we will face what ever is doing this XD)

    1. I completely agree with you. I mean, this game HAS to end at SOME point, right? but first they’re gonna have to add the final bosses in the realm dungeons like I said last week. And after we defeat the final bosses, then the time will come for us to finally wrap this game up.

      1. FFRK will end when all FFs end. Even FFXVI and FFXVII.

  29. Heh. I typed my email wrong in my previous comment. So don’t confuse me for someone else, ok?

  30. Is the chat dead? Website seems to be up, but the chat’s been down for nearly 48 hours now…..

  31. Am I the only one here who wants the Crystal Chronicles realm to be included in FFRK?

    1. I think so……………..

    2. Personally I want Tactics advance with all the races. But crystal chronicles could be fun. Also it would be really amusing to get a chocobo character for the chocobo racing/tales spinoffs.

  32. Oh wait, I just thought of something. During the first annversary, FFRK had twelve realms, which are I to X as well as XII and XIII. During the second anniversary, FFRK had fifteen realms, which are three more than last year’s anniversary. The Realms that were added are: XI, XIV, and FFT. And on the third anniversary next year, they’ll most likely add three more realms, which are: XV, Type-0, and Beyond. So assuming they’ll follow the pattern of three realms per year, what do you guys think about the possible realms that may be added on the coming years?
    Not sure if my predictions will be right, but I think it’ll most likely go this way:
    -4th Anniversary: FFTA, FFBE, and Crystal Chronicles
    -5th Anniversary: FFTA2, Chocobo Series, and Bravely Default
    -6th Anniversary: XVI(Assuming its already been released in four years time), FF Unlimited(This is actually an anime series but anyone got better ideas?), and Kingdom Hearts(Yes, I know this isn’t FF, but there are many FF characters in Kingdom Hearts so this will most likely be coming).
    Just don’t get your hopes up, because I’m not sure whether or not the aforementioned realms will be coming, let alone sure that the three realms per year pattern will either be maintained or ousted, but one last thing: THESE MAY BE JUST MY SPECULATIONS BUT HAVE SOME DAMN FAITH THAT MORE REALMS WILL BE COMING AND WE GET TO CONTROL MORE CHARACTERS IN FFRK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all for now.

    Good Night.

    Yours Truly,

    1. Why would Kingdom Hearts come? Yeah, it’s not FF, and there ARE a lot of FF characters…but they are characters we already have.

      I’d rather just get a wardrobe for Cloud, Squall, etc. that shows their Kingdom Hearts attire, rather than creating a second version of a character we already have.

      Characters like Sora, Kairi, and Terra (just to name a few) would be interesting, but as long as they were similar to how WoFF is right now. No real realms, just the characters alone.

      1. Why not? I mean, it would be nice if we can get our hands on characters like Sora, Kairi, and Roxas. And the Kingdom Hearts realm will not only provide synergy to Kingdom Hearts characters but also FF characters that appears in the Kingdom Hearts universe such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Tidus,and Yuna.

  33. I would agree for most part. Think the 3 realms be 15 type-o and world of final fantasy. Since we are getting peeps from them now. I dont think they w9uld do. Seperate ffta but just add it to that realm just like ff4ay.but the rest can very well be spot. Granted ive only been playing since xmas.

  34. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will be getting characters and probably a realm.
    It won an official poll for most wanted realm one or two livestreams ago.

    1. That would be nice, but I must admit I got a little too carried away with what I said regarding the three realms per year setup. Though FFTA will most likely get a realm, FFTA2 will probably be a part of the XII realm
      (Mobius Final Fantasy became a part of the I realm, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise), and that FFBE, Bravely Default, and FF Unlimited will most likely be regarded as “Beyond”.

    2. I am personally looking forward to this. And if we get FFTA as its own realm FFTA2 will likely just get rolled into same as X-2 was for X and XIII-2 for XIII.

    3. Notice… There are already a FFTA event in japan two weeks ago :9

  35. How much longer are we going to wait for Kiros and Ward from FF8?

  36. Some notable people missing: Gestahl (ff6), Kiros (FF8), Ward (FF8) Tseng (FF7), Elena (FF7), Rude (FF7)

    I wish they’d figure this out first before adding lesser known FF characters to the mix.

    1. Kiros, Ward, Elena and Rude have already been announced. SE wants this game to last for a long time so just be patient.

    2. Whose tseng??? Cant seem to place him in 7 racking brain not working. Hope i can get more cyrstals to get peeps to 99 with how many characters that ate so far in game

      1. Head of the Turks, long dark hair, the guy who’s constantly trying to kidnap Aerith

    3. Ryan, you forgot to mention Caius Ballad from FFXIII

  37. Man this ffviii event is shit. Special win conditions should not be in the front half of an event. Total waste of stamina.

  38. I hope that Lightning Returns will have its own event. Is that possible? :/

    1. They did XIII-2 so I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Though that one I rarely hear anything about, what characters would we get out of it? Or is it just a million wardrobe changes for lightning?

      1. One wardrobe change for her will be enough, I don’t think they will add more from this game than main outfit. Maybe Snow or Noel will gets they wardrobe changes too? Only new character there is Lumina, but I don’t like her in person. Rather I would like to have a green chocobo in my party.

  39. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Was looking up information for Gogo during his Event here, and while I’m checking out his stats on Enlir’s Db, I see someone adding a section for FF4AY’s Ursula. Haha. So I came here to check it out and bwip, there’s a banner at the bottom of the list-o’-events. I guess this answers some folks concerns about future FF4 events. We have an entire After Years-worth of characters to exploit.

    Personally, in terms of characters, I hope Maenad makes it in, and Luca… maybe Leonora.. maybe.
    For potential Wardrobes, I’d like “Man in Black” Golbez and “???” Kain. Older Palom/Porom wouldn’t be bad either.

  40. Yay with StormBlood coming mid-june we will get 3 new FFXIV character who are Haurchefant, Ysayle and Estinien!
    I think we still miss a Lahabrea and/or a Gaius

  41. Very happy to see an event with kiros and ward up there. I feel like they were more important in the storyline than Seifer’s gang.

  42. I can’t wait for EXTREME Fest…

  43. I am loving some of the future characters I see above….I wonder if we will eventually see:

    World FF VII-
    Aule- The Cerulean. ROLE: Physical Buff
    Biggs- AVALANCHE Soldier. ROLE:
    Cissnei- Codename Shuriken. ROLE:
    Elfé- AVALANCHE Leader. ROLE:
    Fuhito- AVALANCHE. ROLE: Summoner
    Genesis Rhapsodos- Codename G. ROLE: Physical/Magic Hybrid.
    Jessie- AVALANCHE Soldier. ROLE:
    Kadaj- Cruel Remnant. ROLE:
    Legend- Legendary Turk. ROLE: Gladiator/Berserker
    Loz- Strength Remant. ROLE:
    Nero- Jet Black Darkness. ROLE: Magus
    Rosso- The Crimson. Role:
    Shears- AVALANCHE Second in Command. ROLE:
    Tseng- Turks New Leadership. ROLE:
    Veld- Turks former Leader. ROLE:
    Wedge- AVALANCHE Soldier. ROLE:
    Weiss- Immaculate White Emperor. ROLE: Offensive/Healing Magic
    Yazoo- Allure Remnant. ROLE:

    World FF VIII:
    Adel: Sorceress: ROLE: Red Mage
    Cid Kramer: Balamb Garden Headmaster: ROLE: Offensive Support
    Ellone: Time Placement: ROLE: Time Mage
    Julia Heartley – Galbadian Pianist: ROLE: Bard

    World FF IX
    Lani- Bounty Hunter. ROLE: Physical/Black Magic
    Mikoto- Genome. ROLE: Offensive Magic/Physical Support
    Puck- Prince of Bermicia. ROLE: Thief
    Queen Brahne- Queen of Alexandria: ROLE: Summoner
    Sir Fratley- Dragon Knight. ROLE: Dragoon/Gladiator

    World FF X
    Leblanc- Sphere Hunter. ROLE:
    Lucil- Chocobo Knight. ROLE:
    Shuyin- Blitzball Star. ROLE:

    World of XII
    Ba’Gamnan- Bounty Hunter. ROLE:
    Filo- Rabanastre Orphan. ROLE:
    Kytes- Rabanastre Orphan. ROLE:
    Llyud- Resident of Lemures. ROLE:
    Reddas. Missing Judge Magistrate. ROLE:
    Vossler Azelas. Former Dalmascan Knight. ROLE:

    World of X III
    Caius Ballad. Guardian of the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul. ROLE:
    Chocolina: Chocobo. ROLE:
    Gadot- NORA Resistance. ROLE:
    Lebreau – NORA Resistance. ROLE:

    1. One notable character missing from your list: Luso Clemens from FFTA2

    2. I miss Boko (FF5 AND FFT)

      Barts chocobo and wiergarf chocobo, also found at the forest adter the battle

  44. I think future XV events will bring Ignis (obviously), Cor, Nyx, Arden, Ravus and maybe Regis. cant wait to have all 4 of the main lot though.

  45. How many characters will be in the game?


  46. Soo when are they going to add Bannon and Gestahl from FF6?

  47. Am I the only one here who thinks Marche is a descendant of Ramza?

  48. Oh God, why Garnet get Ramuh AGAIN? She could summon other eidolons as well…

    1. I figured they should make Garnet summon Alexander as her OSSB.

  49. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    So when are we getting Mystic Quest characters? I wanna see Benjamin, Phoebe, Kaeli, Reuben, and Tristam!

    If it flies the FF banner, I expect to see it in this game at some point.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      It could work too, if you squint your eyes hard enough:
      Benjamin would probably be Spellblade and Combat, with light use of BM/WM, able to use swords, fists, axes, thrown (bombs).
      Phoebe would probably be Black Mage with like 3-4* WM, Sharpshooter too, and uses bows.
      Kaeli would be the opposite, full White Mage with some BM, maybe high support abilities too.
      Reuben would be defensive fighter, using Combat, Support, using flails (probably classified as Axes or Thrown).
      And finally, Tristam would have full Ninja and Celerity, and he’d use thrown weapons (and probably Fists or Katanas).

      But then, I don’t know the metas all to well, and am playing toward their characters, equipment in THAT game, and abilities they possessed/preferred to use on auto-battle, so this would likely end up a disaster in my hands, haha.

  50. Ffmq was fun but what about saga frontier now that would be more interesting and challenging than som or ct. Who actually beat that game with all the different characters i only remember doing it with 3 and getting halfway with the others.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      I brought up FFMQ because FFMQ is actually a Final Fantasy game, so there is the possibility that we in Global will get it. If I recall, most of the non-FF game events we don’t get, like the SoM one (which I woulda loved). I don’t know anything about Saga Frontier but if it “doesn’t fly the Final Fantasy banner” we probably won’t get it globally. Then again, anything that was made by Square has a shot to be an event, so any number of wacky things can occur. Mario RPG for example. I’d love to get Culex, that’d be strange and hilarious. Mallow and Geno as well.

  51. Why banner are not translated?

  52. Will Rebirth Dungeons have their own relic draw?

  53. Extremely doubtful. And by that I mean no. But just saying no is too few characters apparently so it required this longer unnecessary response as a result. Cheers

  54. And then they do a Newcomer’s campaign with Relic Draws along with the Rebirth Dungeons.

  55. I wonder when will we get an FFBE crossover event…

    1. I hope never and a day

        1. I would hate seeing FFRK infested with non FF characters… That’s the reason I don’t like BE, pulling to get characters that aren’t even part of the FF universe. I guess it’s ok as long as they add only the 3 main characters but that would be like the Wolrd of FF case… a bit useless.

          I would rather have other Square-Enix RPG characters that actually exist and have a backstory.

  56. kys pls. tyvm /10char

  57. Looks like they will release type o ff15 and possibly woff as the new worlds to do since we are getting events so far for ff15 and O.

  58. Lolwhyyouneedanametho

    FFBE and FFType0 are garbage. kthxbye. sorrynotsorrytho

  59. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Figures. Magicite comes out, and I can’t even do it because I’ve only cleared 3/12 Nightmares. I was so looking forward to it, but it’ll be forever before I build up enough characters to beat the Nightmares. Valigarmanda scares me.

    1. Don’t Worry… I mastered all the nightmare/abyss and I can’t even take half of magicite monsters’HPs… I don’t have enough ultra,chain and,overstrike SB

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        I’ve got a few OSBs around, and I reliably get them mastered as I obtain them, but the problem is that those characters are all in their 50s-60s and I don’t really train em. I got some folks to Lv 99 but without SBs (or with non-desirable SBs, like Onion Knight’s Onion Slice), so.. feh.

    2. I feel your pain. I only managed to complete five out of twelve(not even half of all of them). Necrophobe wrecked me so badly every fucking time I tried to teach him a lesson.

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        I have Meltdown, Ultima, and Neo Bahamut completed. Made Meltdown (because why on earth not?!) but it’ll be quite a bit before I can get it to R2. I was just hoping for some lower-tier magicite to make some of the harder battles in the game that much easier, but no such luck.

        1. Judging from the ones that you managed to complete, I’m pretty sure you focused on buffing up spell-centric characters, which is the complete opposite of me who focused of buffing up physical-centric characters. I have Ultima, Crushdown, Reraise, Quadruple Foul, and Omega Drive. Omega drive is a nasty one and I spent plenty of mythril in order to win. You have been warned…

  60. These new magicite dungeons suck add.
    I have level 99 characters with burst and overstrike soul breaks and still get stomped. Any suggestions?

  61. There are characters that I never imagined I would have, except for Ultimecia, why the delay? lol

    1. Ultimecia is Edea already… You won’t see her. They fused both characters, so the Edea we have is the one possesed by Ultimecia. See her soul breaks like Time Compression or Astral Time. It’s weird, but the only way they could add her is like a Wardrobe Sphere.

  62. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    So with Alma coming as a new character… think any of her Soul Breaks, those announced and those in the future, could have Altima make a guest appearance? That’d be pretty good. Like a solid holy damage SB.
    Still waiting for playable Belias (or Wiegraf), Beowulf and/or Reis, and my boik Construct 8. Would love to see some of them. Maybe even Elidibus (FFT could benefit from more summoners) and Elmdor would be cool.

    Also… shouldn’t Cloud and Balthier get synergy while in FFT dungeons?

    1. What you said makes a lot of sense, but I’m pretty sure Saint Ajora/Ultima will show up as a playable character in this game. Alma will most likely end up being healing-centric like most of the white mages in FFRK.

      Oh, and about Cloud and Balthier, I’m pretty sure this game will just disregard their appearances in FFT. This game already skipped the Luso scenario and went ahead to the Walled City of Yardrow battle, so as painful as it is to admit it, I’m pretty Cloud and Balthier will be ignored in the FFT realm of this game.

  63. Are we ever going to get Final Fantasy Legend chars?

  64. Will they ever add Ultimecia?

  65. So, does anyone have a clue, when we can expect an FFXV banner with Aranea?
    I have around 200 Mythril to spend on some 11x draws, and it tickles my soul every friday, when there are new potentially good relics to be drawn.

    1. Mid November. Probably the 9th or the 16th as long as DeNA doesn’t mess with the order of events again. This is just an estimate based off the dates from the Aug. update.

  66. Very happy to see an event with Kiros and ward up there. I feel like they were more important in the storyline than Seifer’s gang.

  67. Very happy to see an event with Kiros and ward up there. I feel like they were more important in the storyline than Seifer’s gang. Thank you for your post. Hope you keep sharing more.

  68. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    First Ramza gets a new BSB announced that is basically “Shout” but with some nifty burst commands tagged on.

    Then I see the 3rd FFRK Anniversary at the bottom. At this point, I can only see phase 1’s list, but I see that Tyro gets a super powered Ultra SB-version of Sentinel Grimoire that ALSO grants Protect/Shell/Haste!!

    What next? Yshtola gets a new ultra that fuses her Stoneskin II with Asylum, but also gives Hastega and HP Stock 3000?…. Please don’t make me pull a Ian Malcom. O.O|||

  69. hey people, whats the best lv to farm for the roulete? the 40 stam or the 30 stam?

  70. I did the 40 stam and have gotten every prize already

  71. I have an interesting thought. I wonder if the upcoming FFXV event correlates with the character episodes. Here’s why I think that: The next FFXV event gives players Noctis (if they don’t already have him), Prompto, and Aranea. We know that Prompto was the main focus of Episode Prompto (duh) and Aranea was the supporting character. We also know that Prompto was questioning his friendship with Noctis in the episode which could also explain why we also get Noctis in the event.

    After that, we don’t see anymore FFXV events. So, if what I’m thinking is plausible then in a future FFXV event we could be getting Noctis, Ignis, and Ravus. Because Episode Ignis is the last character episode and Ravus is the supporting character. The only thing that throws this off is that the Gladiolus event gave us Noctis, Gladiolus, and Iris instead of Noctis, Gladiolus, and Cor.

  72. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I want 5* summon: Golem. All it does is grant the party a 30% HP barrier.

  73. Dood

    Thats pretty Nice

  74. Minwus relic, it’s too damn rare. Is there even any single attention to him? His relic isn’t even in the upcoming fests

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      There’s an FF2 event coming out after the 3rd Anniversary that has an Ultra, a new Burst, and a FOURTH LM for him. Looks like the King of White Mages is making a comeback.

  75. Yooooo holy fuck i can’t wait for the 3rd aniversary too get that Aegis grymoire…. its sooo perfect ! A combination of 3 buffs with double magic and physical defense is soo gooood omg …. if i get that weapon i amm sooo going to change my roaming hero to tyro so people would be able to use that perfet ability 😍😍😍

  76. I am going to play nonstop so i can farm mythril to get that grymoire… i will also try getting marche’s durandal if i am lucky enough, i am so glad that marche is finally coming to FFRK

    1. Aegis Grymoire is still like half a year away from being released in Global FFRK. Aren’t there any other awesome relics that you want to get your hands on?

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        I mean, I’ve been saving up for the Super Fest that was supposedly coming up, and other things keep getting in its way. Been itching to get some things for my son, the myth, the legend, Ingus.

  77. It seems like this page hasn’t been updated in awhile…
    Is something wrong?

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      To quote someone from the live chat up top:
      “the guy updating this page retired i think […] it was on /r/ffrecprdkeeper the other day”

      Someone else said:
      “i think it mentioned that he would keep the calendar of events updated […] just nothing else.”

      1. May Kongbakpao find a replacement for him someday…

  78. Maybe it needs an update xD

  79. Please update this page!!! Its terrible to see this page outdated with the old events on top.

  80. Very happy to see an event with Kiros and ward up there. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  81. Bannon for FF6….since the game needs more dedicated healers for this. And perhaps Gestahl, but Bannon should be a bigger priority.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Him and his awesome Health ability. That’s not a bad thought. I thought Relm was FF6’s dedicated healer, what with the Divine Portrait USB and such. Doesn’t hurt to have another.

  82. I’m starting to get weary seeing outdated events up there. Get your game on, Kongbakpao!

    1. According to the above chat, the person running this page retired and is only adding new events as they arrive. No other updating will take place.

  83. So i wonder how long i will have to wait before square finally thinks about a costume change for terra as permanent esper form instead of her human form.
    thanks a lot for sharing

  84. lol is this place dead? :v

  85. This came could be so enjoyable – yet dna is messing it up, and I guess that’s also why kongbakpao retired – player numbers are decreasing because dna doesn’t know how to keep players invested.

    A) same, pointless weapons as rewards in dungeons – why not to finally give something new – like old unique relics

    B) if not the above – at least allow players to buy them for mithril/gems – obviously not the newest ultras etc. but start with oldest ones

    C) Why not to allow players to trade duplicated relics – again – with some price attached and – obviously – only players who are playimg ffrk for a while

    D) obviously – amount of dupes is ridiculous- how can you get 3-4 identical relics in one pull or frequently dupe out of more that 100 relics is shocking

    E) boring, slow low level dungeons which can’t be speed up or ridiculously difficult torment/magicite dungeons – plain stupid

    All in all – keep this pace and this game will day.

    1. agree! i play this since day one and thik the same. everyday i log in, i think hiow far will take for someone starting to play today to get as half far as i get?
      and also, they should, in future, open the old event dungeons like they did with Renewals.
      also, depending on relics is the worst part of it all. its nearly impossible to beat some diff 180 and up without in most cases, SG/SS.
      there are days i just log to get the Mythril or play events.
      also, the raid system is broken. (connections and lags)
      this game could be so more…

  86. Sooo when are we getting Vossler as a party member? Last teo FF12 events did not add anyone. Watch the next one hand over Reddas instead….

  87. agree! i play this since day one and thik the same. everyday i log in, i think hiow far will take for someone starting to play today to get as half far as i get?
    and also, they should, in future, open the old event dungeons like they did with Renewals.
    also, depending on relics is the worst part of it all. its nearly impossible to beat some diff 180 and up without in most cases, SG/SS.
    there are days i just log to get the Mythril or play events.
    also, the raid system is broken. (connections and lags)
    this game could be so more…

  88. three years so far and they wont give us a slot for hats/helms and robes/armors separately or at least treat bangles (that EVERYONE can use) as acessories.
    their logic is confusing…

    1. That would basically ruin the game. All the fight are calculated on the actual possibilities, just adding another armor slot from nowhere will increase your stats drastically and make everything more easier than it should.

  89. Just so people are aware- this is unlikely to be updated much anymore. Join us on Reddit r/FFRecordKeeper for updates on the game

  90. Banderwocky and the jabbersnatch

    Please take better care in updating this website. There are months worth of events that have long since passed, but are still logged as active or coming soon. I have used this site for over a year now to attain both accurate and reliable information. What gives? Why does it seem that you guys have given up on this page all of the sudden?

    1. Kongbakpao is probably busy with other games.

  91. since ff12’s “summons” are espers in crystal glyphs, do you people think FFRK will release 5* magicite as Espers from ff12? or even maybe Eidolons from ff13 since they are “espers” trapped in crystal cores?
    i can imagine a 5* Ultima, Mateus or even, maybe, in a distant future dream, a 6* magicite Ragnarok (13) or Zodiark (12)

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      If we got magicite or even summons for the FF12 Lucavi/Totema espers, that would be the coolest damn thing ever. I could easily see them being dual element summons. Mateus as like Ice/Water. Adremmalech (or however that’s spelled w/o google) as Lightning/Wind. Cuchulainn could be Dark/Poison. Belias (mah boi) could be Fire/Non-e or Fire/Earth or something (though that might clash with Hashmal).

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