osb fest

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5


For greater details, head over to Enlir’s spreadsheet and find out more!

(Ctrl+F and type the hero’s name and find the relic)

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Updated: December 20, 2016 — 12:46 pm


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  1. phase 3 all the way

    – the best ffrk player the world has ever fucking seen

    1. i seriously don’t know why you have me in your tag/ description.

  2. Removed Ashe, Tidus and Penelo’s BSBs ?


  3. Noooooooooo! Stop the temptation with all these OSBs and BSBs!! I have to save up for Y’shtola’s BSB! If I had a choice (which most likely NOT going to pull), I’d probably take phase 3, due to my lack of realm synergy, as well as Celes’ Indomitable Blade and Bartz will be my ultimate Wind char. Therefore, I would take anything from this phase.

    …Speaking of Y’shtola, the XIV event is 3 days later than I expected it to be? How can that be? I thought events come every 5-7 days, or something like that. Meh, oh well. At least…it’s coming though. lol

    1. I’m saving 50 for yshtola, can’t justify more than a single pull on any banner anymore. i spent 250 on the first cloud BSB and never again will i do it

      1. Hmm…I have to think about if I should pull twice. That depends on the first pull.

        1. Actually after looking at the BSB ranking from skyfire and seeing that alphanuid is a top tier magical attach element BSB (i already knew yshtola was top tier white mage) i might save a second pull for that banner.

          1. I am also hoping for Alphanuid’s as well. Everything else is nice except Thyrus because I already have a bunch of dupes from that.

            I definitely have 50 to pull on the first banner of XIV. However, I also would like to save for FFT, even though the Platinum Sword and Excalibur are in phase 1 and 3.

  4. Erm….Tyros is an Overstrike, not a Burst…..

    1. And why did they bother to give him one? Can Tyro’s stat’s even get high enough to break the damage cap?

  5. so for me its definitely not phase 2 and phase 5. in both i have 4 SB’s in each of those phases. im looking at phase 3 and 4 eventhough i have 1 SB in each of those already. In phase 1 i’d like to go for vanille, but not worth the pull

  6. Would love Kain’s I’m banner 1 and still don’t have my platinum sword… So tempting…

    And I though I wouldnt pull until ff14 banner 1…

  7. I was hoping they’d keep Tidus’ bsb and OSB in the 2nd phase, since he’s like my favorite character, also I only have spiral cut and Hecht shot for him 😭

    1. It is! Rofl. Did you even read?

  8. every dance babasunga balanga metembe motombe yeah yeah nigga yeah

  9. I think DeNA actually knows what equipment I have. I mean, in Phase One, I only have the Mistilteinn and Platinum Sword. Decided I’ll just do one pull. Of all the relics, I get another Mistilteinn. -_-

  10. This OSB fest is garbage, I have 6 accounts and used a 50 mythril draw on all of them and every single one got the 3 same terrible relics. What a waste on all of them.

  11. This OSB fest is terrible, I have 6 accounts and used a 50 mythril draw on all of them and every single one got the 3 same terrible relics. What a waste on all of them.

    1. y on god’s green fuck do u have 6 accounts?

  12. I’m really happy with the way this has gone so far.

    Did a 100-gem pull on OSB1, got nothing. Meh. (No mythril pull, too many duplicates.)
    Did a 50-mythril pull on OSB2, got Sentinel’s Grimoire and Quistis’s Dress. 100-gem pull was nothing.
    Did a 50-mythril pull on OSB3, got Healing Staff (meh). 100-gem pull was the OSB!

    I don’t plan to do a pull on OSB5 (too many duplicates for me), but if I get nothing good from OSB4, this was still worth it.

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